How to make your resume stand out

A resume is the first step that you can take to get to your future dream job. Your resume is the first thing that a hiring manager will see. You need to make a good impression here by offering a concise and very clean resume that shows that your qualifications match the open job role. Resumes are also essential when applying for international student internships.

What is a resume? 

A resume is a document that can showcase your skills and qualifications for the job you want to apply for. A resume should include your skills and achievements, education and experience. Giving out resumes is a great way to showcase how you can benefit the company. If you want to set yourself apart from the rest, then you need to have a polished resume. It is important that you understand the industry that you are working in so you can tailor your resume to suit.

Making your resume stand out

There are many ways that you can set up your resume to be different from all the rest. Recruiters will look for resumes that stand out and have everything included that employers need. Recruiters don’t want to be calling you to find out information that should have been included on your resume. Before you make up your resume, go over the job posting and take a look at the company website. Think about what you need to include. Take note of the company’s culture then think about the keywords that you can include and understand what is expected of you shall you get the job.

Tailer the resume to the industry you are applying for

Make sure that you include any employment experience that can showcase your qualifications. If you are applying for engineering internships, highlight qualities you have specific to that needed in the industry. If you are applying for a job as a journalist, then the hiring manager will want to know more about the skills you gained when you were a college reporter instead of a supermarket worker. Only put down the positions and experience that will help the hiring manager to see that you recognise what they want in an employee.

Add your pertinent skills

Same as with previous positions, you should only include the skills that are going to be valuable for the position that you are going for. Read over the job description and learn what skills and requirements they are looking for.

Keeping your resume concise

A resume can be two pages, but you are best to stick to one. This is a good rule for entry-level applicants that have minimal experience. As you make a draft of your resume, only include information that can help you stand out. Avoid adding fluff and empty words.

Make it appealing to the eye

Recruiters enjoy a well-designed resume, but you need to make sure your creativity is professional. Your font style needs to be legible. You want to use a professional font like Times New Roman, Helvetica or Calibri. The sizing of the font needs to be easy to read. A size 12 font would be perfect.

The template you want to aim for is something with a minimal design that is aesthetically appealing. If you are using a template, then you want to make sure that the visual elements don’t distract the reader from the contents in your resume. 

You can use a colour scheme when creating your resume. Go for white, black and then add a third colour like blue or green. White works well for the background and black for the text. If you have important things that you want to be noticed, this is where you can highlight using the third colour. Your resume needs to be legible, clean and be easy to read without any distraction or confusion.


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