Ways to make your home look spacious

The size of homes is becoming smaller over time. However, decorating a small home is an interesting but challenging task at the same time. If a small home is designed well, it can feel like a cosy and warm space. If these tiny homes are filled with all the worldly possessions, they might feel like a poky and congested space. If you have a small home, then it might be challenging for you to make your home look spacious. The following interior design tips will help you to easily make your home look spacious.

Paint the walls in a light colour

Darker shades of wall paint make the space look cosy, but darker colours do not reflect the light, which makes the space look smaller. If you want to make your home look larger, then go for neutral and lighter tones for your wall paint. Colours like white, cream, and tan are suitable for a small home.

Place furniture away from the wall

Aligning your furniture along the wall makes your space look cramped. Placing your furniture away from walls will make your home look larger. Even having a gap of just a few inches between the walls and furniture will make your home look open and larger. 

Hang curtains high

If you want to make your home appear grander, then hang long curtains that start right below the ceiling and sweep down to the floor. The ceiling of your home starts looking higher instantly. Never hang the curtains across the window because it will make your home look smaller.

Use hidden storage  

Clutter is the mortal enemy of a small home. Built-in storage in furniture is the best way to avoid clutter. Hiding clutter in your furniture will make your space look wider instantly because you do not have clutter.

Use mirrors to create an illusion

To create a larger-looking space instantly, use the mirrors in your home carefully. Place the mirror across from the window as it will reflect the outdoor light and make the space appear larger. The decor and design plays a role in the overall feeling and perception of a room.

Use table lamps

Use table lamps instead of overhead lighting because overhead lighting creates a single focal point, whereas the use of table lamps draws the eyes to different parts of the room, which creates the illusion of a larger space.

Choose furniture with exposed legs 

If you want to create the impression of a larger space, then try to create a sense of openness. For creating the illusion, furniture with exposed legs is ideal because they allow the light to pass beneath them. It seems like the furniture is floating, which creates the illusion of a larger space and movement.

Colour code your shelves  

Arranging the smaller items according to their size, colour, or type will make your space feel streamlined. Anything that is visible in your home should be arranged in order to make your home appear clean and wider.

Use Lucite items

Lucite pieces for interior design are in trend and look very stylish. The best thing about these items is they do not take too much visual space, and your home starts looking spacious in seconds.

Keep it simple 

If you want to make your home look spacious, then try to use minimal items. The more patterns, items, and pieces you have in your home, the more cluttered it will look. Avoid having too many possessions, decoration pieces, busy patterns, and overwhelming colours, as it will make your house look smaller. From wall colour, curtains, furniture and to decoration pieces, keep everything simple and minimal to make your small home appear spacious. Sometimes less is more. An interior designer is an excellent resource for if you are having trouble coming up with ideas.

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