The Unique Benefits of Wire Furniture

Making art with wire is an ancient folk-art form and has been around since 3,000 BC. It soon grew quickly with the availability of a huge range of products from wire fencing to kitchen implements. When it hit the 1920’s wire sculptures had just been introduced into the world of fine arts. Some could argue that using an influence of wire furniture in your home may help to sell it or spice up your renovations a little bit more. The benefits of including unique variations of wire work furniture in your home based decisions include the following:

The Ability to Sell!

If you are attempting to sell your home and find yourself running out of ideas to move that stubborn needle, look no further than taking a creative and unique approach to interior design. If you were to speak to business coaches within the renovation or real-estate industry, they would say that treating each room as a museum display with stylistic exhibition walls taking the place of your bland and boring walls can lead to a home selling. An experienced business coach will always stress the importance of taking every different avenue, no matter how unique or different it is, in making that sale. If you are that invested in selling your home, you should take every opportunity in allowing for your home to stand out during open days, potential buyer visits and photo ops!

A Refreshing Take on YOUR Home!

Sometimes we all need a little change to remind us as to why we loved something in the first place. You might be sick of staring at your home office or your bedroom and thinking; ‘Why does this feel so dull?’, this is where using a wire-based furniture theme could really come in handy. Changing your own perspective of a room, without completely tearing it apart can be achieved simply by implementing a new theme or just introducing some new furniture. Often, a new perspective could be all you need to reignite that spark.

A Fun Family Bonding Activity

happy family walking

Sitting down with your significant other and children sometimes may need new activities. There are only so many board-games you can all play, outdoor activities you can all travel too and movies your whole family can watch. Introducing a unique activity of designing new furniture can offer your family a whole new activity to bond over and give each family member a reason to get in touch with their creative side. Imagine the smile on your children’s face when they design something that they believe is cool and you then use it as an artistic item for a new room!

Inspires Creativity

When first approaching designing furniture or art for your home, you may feel like there is no point as any idea you come up with surely has already been taken, established and designed. This idea is wrong as wire and steel work allow for you to be as creative as you can possible be, with every twist, bend and snap you have the chance to make something entirely new and give your creativity the added confidence it needs.

Now, getting back to the design of wire furniture.

Basic materials to design home art with wire

You will need wire all which comes in gauge sixes from 0 to 50. It works by the smaller the number the thickness increases, 16 gauge is similar to a coat hanger and 30 gauge is more like thread.

Different types of wire

  • Armature mesh which is a flexible and fun to use aluminium that is perfect for sculptures
  • Annealed is a pliable, easy to use wire for many different crafting needs
  • Bead stringing wire is a fine diameter of stainless steel. It is kink resistant with a nylon coating and is perfect for bead stringing.
  • Coloured copper which consists of a copper core that has an out coating of polyurethane. It is resistant to chipping and peeling and works well for wire wrapping and wire forming.
  • Enamel cover is bendable but can easily hold its shape good for floral designs and sculptures.
  • Memory wire is able to remember its shape and keeps the coil form. It is corrosion resistant

The basic techniques often used in art

Wire is a malleable material and can be twisted, wrapped, woven, coiled, braided and even crocheted into wonderful works of art. Taking unique turns when designing the furniture will make sure that each item you are creating is the first of its kind.

Twisting the wire

When you twist wire together it creates a unique texture and makes it stronger. Copper wire is the most easiest wire to twist. If you are using wire than is galvanized, then you need to use more effort and be cautious when using it. When you let go the wire can spin out of control causing injury. The best way to twist the wire is to use a hand drill. This will give you more control over it. You can start with wire that is three times longer than you need it to be. The more tighter the twist the more wire you are going to use. You can fold the wire and wrap it around something like a doorknob or chair leg. If you are using on fragile surfaces you can add some padding first to protect the item. Add a cup hook onto the drill and secure the wire to the cup hook. You need to grab the wire taut and let the drill handle slowly turn in order to twist the wire. Twist your wire to the length you want but don’t over twist as you can risk snapping the wire. Remove from the drill and then cut each end.

The basic anchor loops

Most wire art designs start off with the anchor loop. All you need to do is hold one end of the wire with pliers and keep a tight grip then carefully create a loop by winding the wire around the top of the pliers by pulling the wire around. Remove the circle from the pliers and put the looped end within the plier tips and squeeze to flatten them out.

Here are some basic examples of Wire Furniture:

wire furniture
dining room

A Chair with a Wire Base

Wire Framed Table

Wire Television Stand

Metal Bed Frame


The possibilities of what you can create with wire are endless, but you need to learn the basic techniques beforehand. The benefits of using wire furniture in your home are endless, this creative take can help you sell, live and be happy in your home, once again.

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