Perks of Investing in a Sneaker Collection

When it comes to collecting sneakers, we thank the sneakerhead culture and the market of booming resales for sneakers that are actually bringing in a good flow of cash for both men and women’s\ sneakers. What is considered a common practice now is what people refer to as flipping. This means unworn shoes or second-hand shoes, pre-owned shoes are turned into a big profit by making the kicks more important than just a financial option.

Is there money to be made in investing sneakers? Many business coaches believe so!

When people are flipping shoes, they are simply buying the exclusive models at normal retail price then waiting for the manufacturer to dwindle the supply of that certain show and that is when you pop up and offer the shoes again at a higher price and most often sell online. If you were to start a business which is focused on the idea of re-purposing or selling limited release sneakers you will find that those involved in business coaching will tell you that this industry will almost always lead to a ROI (Return on Investment).

There are a few brand sneakers that are making huge returns so far:

  • Justin Timberlake Nike Air Jordan 3 Superbowl
  • Nike Air Jordan Retro Chicago UNC
  • Adidas NMD black leather sneakers
  • Chuck Taylor Converse x Off white
  • Nike Air Jordan 1 NRG Gold

How do I know what sneakers to collect for an investment?

To be successful in investing sneakers you need to keep updated with the latest trends and ensure you have the research for the release dates so you can grab the shoes that are limited edition once they have been released. Investors need to ensure they are updated with everything sneakers. There are so many different platforms you can go to when looking for news on upcoming sneaker releases or anything else related. Use the internet to find places where you can keep tabs on release dates and prices so you know what shoes to buy and when and how much you will need to invest to make sure you can make a profit on your investment. When the time comes to place your order you can go directly to the particular brand website and complete the purchase there and slowly but surely develop a routine which will help any business related activities so that they run smoothly.

shoe collection

There have been stories about people selling a $300 pair of sneakers for $5,000 this is however impossible to know that the one pair of sneaker you are buying will give you a high resell price. Just because an item is listed as limited edition does not mean that it will see a high resell value or that it is in fact limited edition. You should work on developing a real eye for sneakers so that you yourself become an expert and can tell between subtle differences of both real, and fake shoes. You need to take the fashion trends and the particular design of the sneaker into thought as well. You may walk into trouble if you buy a sneaker and see the value go high but only lasting a short term then it will crash once it starts fading out of style.

Look for these traits when you want to invest in collecting sneakers to resell

Lots of hype: while buying a sneaker that is low in supply is something that can be considered good, so is a shoe that is in high demand. By following sneaker websites and blogs you will be able to keep in the loop as to which ones are being hyped about and which ones are slowly fading in regards to popularity.

High ratings: Check out sneaker websites and blogs for individual shoe ratings. IF the shoes rate higher they are more likely to sell than those with low ratings.

Limited edition: You need to look for a sneaker than has demand but outstrips the supply. If there is a limited number of sneakers being sold this will be easier to achieve. Look out for shoes from designers, celebrities and limited edition.

Advertisement: Seeking out advertisements by sneaker brands on their latest release can give you a gage on how much money the company has invested into this product. Say you see billboards everywhere, television commercials or website banners promoting a new Nike shoe, you will feel more inclined to invest in that shoe as it clearly has the backing of the company behind it or maybe an athlete endorsing it. However, if you see through online forums that Puma has released this new high-tech shoe, but it has no ground evidence of support or any type of endorsement, maybe you should steer away from investing in that shoe.

Investing in sneakers is a smart way to make money in the long run. Whether you are aiming to do this out of your home or develop a franchise, the industry is one that continues to grow and you should get in while you can!

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