How Team Sports Help Your Child Grow

There are many benefits when it comes to playing sports for your kids. Not only does it help to lead a  healthy life but also aids in academic integrity as well. When we allow children to play sports it helps them to develop skills that are very beneficial to them throughout their lives. By participating in different sports, the children are then exposed to social, emotional, mental, physical and educational benefits.

Developing Self-Esteem

Several studies have shown that when it comes to kids taking part in sports it can aid their self-esteem and confidence. From small gestures like a pat on the back and a high-five or a simple handshake once the game has finished builds confidence and understanding that we treat everyone the same whether you win or lose. Children learn to develop their own abilities and push them through life knowing that self-esteem does not distinguish when it comes to losing or winning. Constructive criticism is a big part in showing children that they need to work on weakness in order to improve. Some children will start sports and not be very good but after training and learning they improve and learn they must make an effort in order to grow.

The Social Skills

When children are playing sport, they need to interact with other players. Developing social skills is important as they grow. Sport teaches children how you need to be in a team and cooperate with other players. Children learn to have a sense of belonging and they gain the ability to make friends. Communication skills are important when it comes to relationships and future careers. Your child may end up making some of their best-friends in life through playing sports with a team. If your child is on a basketball team, you may see your children developing a shared interest in things such as the next yeezy release or a variety of things among other sneaker trends. The same can be said for every possible sport that your child may develop an interest in, this is just a specific example to show you what can happen.

basketball ring
basketball hoop

Learning to accept the defeat

Most times there are winners and losers. Children learn how to cope with loss rather than feeling miserable about losing. You can’t win every time and it is a good thing for children to understand that it is ok to lose sometimes. Encourage children to try again. Children can be encouraged to be competitive, but they also need to show good sportsmanship and accept when they lose.

Where is the I in team?

There certainly isn’t one. Teamwork is important to learn from a small age. Working together must happen for a team to succeed. Coming together with others is the only way to achieve a goal. Working together gives everyone an understanding of each other’s weaknesses and strengths. This helps to better understand and decide the best plan of action for the team.

Sports offer many benefits to your child. Children can learn just as much if not more by being outside a classroom. Encourage children to get involved in sports by being involved in them yourself which helps to set an example for the children. Limit the activities like tv and computer games so children are more encouraged to play outside and find outside interests. Get your children enrolled in a sport to help them learn in a different way than school which doesn’t offer much fun and stimulation.

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