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Knowing The Sex Of Your Baby – Benefits

Although many parents like the sex of their baby to be a surprise, most of them need their time to plan things out and prepare their future. Apart from your elder children and the nosey aunts, most parents prefer to know the gender of their child before childbirth itself. Then there are the parents who prefer to choose the gender of the baby altogether. Let’s see if this is beneficial by weighing its pros and cons.

With regards to finding out the sex of your unborn baby, doctors suggest that it is all up to the parents.  They say that the ultrasound scanning from 18 to 20 weeks and the pre-natal screenings always reveal the gender of the baby, but they do not always disclose it to the parents immediately. They let it be the parents’ choice.

Some parents find it safer to plan, so they usually prefer knowing the sex of their baby before its birth. In some cases, especially in cases where there has been past incidents of unexplained infertility and repeated miscarriages, revealing the gender is not a bad idea at all. Other parents find it vital to know the baby’s gender for better bonding between them. And when it comes to choosing the sex of your baby well, the parents may already have two boys, and now want to know how possible it is to have a baby girl. There are many reasons for finding out or choosing the sex which also includes:

There are many reasons for finding out or choosing the sex which also includes:

Planning the name ahead

Many parents want to know the baby’s gender so that they can select on the name of the baby. After all, it’s not easy choosing a name for a child. But, not everyone prefers this. Some of them have names ready for both the genders, and they let it remain a surprise till its time. But choosing a name is just one of the many reasons why parents prefer to know the sex of their baby beforehand.

Helps initiate family discussions and decisions

Discussing some health decisions of the baby within the family is essential. For example, in the case of a son, they might have to consider procedures like circumcision and other related processes. In other cases where the parents already have elder children, they need time to explain everything to their kids including the adjustments that they will have to make and what activities they would have to help. In such cases, it would be easier to refer to the baby as a ‘he’ or a ‘she’ so that the child can picture the scenario better.  This helps the baby develop the image of having a sister or brother and plan accordingly.

Helps arrange for the newborn

For a few parents, they have their fancy reasons why they want to know the sex of their baby. Some of them want to get a nursery ready for the child, with furniture and toys. The gender always helps in picking the colour for these things, which revolves around the two tones of pink and blue.  They could also decide upon whether to stick planes or flowers in their room.

Less stressful

There are other funny reasons why parents want to know if their baby is going to be a boy or a girl. This includes being excited about the baby’s sex in the earlier stage of pregnancy. They also claim that since labour, delivery and the recovery can be stressful enough for the first time mothers, knowing the gender beforehand will be less stressful for them. That logic is yet to be comprehended, but as it is, many women have admitted that it helps.


And of course, when people come to visit the baby, it’s apparent that they will be bringing gifts. Please reveal the gender of the baby beforehand so that they can choose the right gifts for the baby. Otherwise, you might have a little trouble sorting out the things that your baby can wear and use. Planning ahead never hurt anyone, so go ahead and have that gender revealing party a little earlier!

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